Wednesday (heh), July 18, 0:49 CDT

Ahhh, finally. Welcome to, a domain name you can think of as script kiddy for Pike, which happens to be both part of my name and a nick I've used from time to time. Or you could think of it as a short and memorable (here's hoping, anyway) acronym for something. I'll let you know when I think of what, exactly.

My experience with Webmages has so far been good, aside from a brief outage earlier today. It'll be a few days 'til I have all my old stuff moved over here, since I've decided to take the time and build a somewhat more elegant, orderly site if at all possible. Strict XHTML seems like a good idea, and it took about 5 minutes to get this page to validate.

I finished reading American Gods yesterday at 6:30 or so in the morning, and slept 'til 9:00, dreaming very strange dreams indeed. Then the phone rang, and I wound up spending the rest of the morning assembling these big rickety steel frameworks in a cornfield. Interesting day.

(Never drive on three hours of sleep and a gallon of iced tea, I keep telling myself - you're easy enough to distract as it is. Still, at least I didn't actually collide with anything. Though I think I caused some genuine panic in the driver of a small, much abused Buick.)

American Gods was, well, worth reading 'til 6:30 in the morning. Something few enough books rate. I shall make an honest attempt to write a review as soon as the heat, humidity, and roaring wind give me space to think. (And then there're the reviews of Education of a Wandering Man, the O Brother soundtrack, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to finish.)

I just had a long, enjoyable conversation with Brent - using, of all things, Unix talk. Old school, but effective. Talked about, among other things, a novel I'd really like to write.

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