Friday, July 20, 18:22 CDT

I've been playing with a Logitech optical mouse that I borrowed the other day... The design is nothing spectacular - just the standard 2 buttons + wheel doohickey, although the red light glowing through the translucent sides looks Really Cool, as peripherals go.

Anyway, after plugging it into Wendigo (my surly, hulking Linux box), I fired up the GIMP and discovered that I could actually draw. Well, sort of anyway. It certainly feels much smoother and more precise, and there's less resistance from the mouse pad. I'm going to have to acquire one of these for myself.

Gus, the new puppy, has begun to demonstrate impressive physical prowess. Or at least I thought it was impressive for a dog that small to climb over a 4+ foot steel mesh fence. For some reason, you just don't expect dogs to climb like that.

Hmm. It sounds like Gus is outside the window, being vocally displeased with something or another. Perhaps I should go find out what.

(Addendum: A cat, apparently.)

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