Tue Jul 24 00:24:46 CDT 2001

Starting working on this site earlier this evening, then got distracted messing around with Wendigo's cooling. I bought another case fan a while back, to mount on the spot above the power supply that's been sitting empty, but as near as I can tell it's only making a couple degrees difference. Which makes sense, since I don't think it's pulling much air away from the lower half of the case, which seems to be where heat is building up. I decided to try reversing the fan on my heatsink, and also wound up taking a Dremel tool (kinda useful gadgets, but woefully underpowered) to the plastic fan-mount thingy that goes in the front of the case.

Don't think I accomplished much, aside from becoming increasingly tempted to do really drastic things to my case. I think probably I'll just buy a better heat sink / fan combo and a tube of thermal grease, before I decide to bust out the cutting torch...

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