Wednesday, July 25, 12:27 PM

Feel like hanging out with Stephen and I? He's running an IRC server at, port 6667, where we'll probably be lurking intermittently. Assuming we can figure out why it keeps disconnecting us every couple of minutes.

Wed Jul 25 01:30:24 CDT 2001

Hmm. An AMD Overclocking FAQ.

I'm not thinking about overclocking my Athlon. Well, not really thinking about it, anyway. But it does look like a pretty useful FAQ, if you're building or tinkering with an AMD system.

alt.comp.hardware.amd.thunderbird (Google Groups link) looks worth skimming too, though it appears to be half people asking how hot their processors should be running, and what to do about it - which is how I found it in the first place.

I caught an episode of 8th MS Gundam (and I'm likely mangling that title), followed by an ep of Outlaw Star, which is what it looks like Toonami: The Midnight Run will be running for a while.

I'm iffy on 8th MS Gundam - the character designs aren't very impressive, and it's hard to say how cool the Giant Robots With Guns 'n Stuff will be. On the other hand, it is another Gundam series, which I've been looking forward to, and Gundam Wing left me pretty cold when I first watched it. I'll definitely give it time. On the gripping hand, I missed the first episode of the series, so I'll probably spend the remainder of it in total confusion as to just what the hell's actually going on. ;)

Outlaw Star did even less to impress me, but I'm willing to give it a few more eps. Since, unlike certain parties who shall remain nameless, I can't really afford to stockpile DVD's, Cartoon Network remains my primary source of animated goodness. I'd hate to miss something worthwhile while they're running it.

Yeesh, it's late. What am I doing awake, anyway?

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