Wednesday, August 29, 20:43 CST

Awright, it's been a while, but yesterday I finally got around to finishing the travelog entry I started on the 19th. I'm thinking of this as kind of a clean slate, for some reason. Maybe I can actually start writing some decent stuff here.

Just watched Snatch for the second time. Great flick. (In that dark 'n gritty wacked camera angle post-Pulp Fiction guns 'n British accents kinda way.) Second funniest movie I've seen lately, the first being Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (View Askew), which gets my vote for best summer movie. Not to say it had much competition, but still...

I think I'm going to go ahead and get rid of my old Hardlink account, which means that a lot of spam and German search engine traffic is going to start bouncing, and few people will actually notice.

Anyway, if you want to contact me, my new e-mail address is in the little box over to the right. If you're a spam-bot trawling for addresses who's somehow attained sentience, I hope you realize what pathetic, worthless specimens of degraded humanity your creators are, and rise up in righteous anger to smite them.

And now on to the fragmented linkage:

I've recently discovered Audiogalaxy is an excellent filesharing resource, though closed source and limited in scope to music. It does what it does well. There's even a functional Linux version.

Konqueror and Mozilla are both so good these days that I can't decide which one to use at any given time. Konqueror might come in ahead, since it's also a sweet file manager and has more nifty little built in tools.

If you're still running Windows these days (or Linux on a low-end machine, to be fair), you have my sympathy.

But hey, let's not forget about Opera. Tiny, fast, and the gesture + keyboard interface is just too smooth. Too bad it's closed-source adware with a licensing scheme that dings already paying customers at major version upgrades.

(/. link): Go wireless geeks...

Tried yet? A simple, straightforward image search that actually works pretty well. Like nearly everything else on Google, which remains probably the most useful single site on the web.

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