Friday, August 31, 13:26 CDT

Ich hei├čen Brennen. There's pretty much all of the German I've learned so far. I can see how this could be a more difficult language to pick up than Spanish. And come to think of it, I never really learned that much Spanish...

You know what question I absolutely love? Are you, like, really smart?

There's no way you can lose with a question like that. All it takes is a little honesty. I'm mostly faking it., for example. And *poof*. You get points for intelligent and modest.

As long as people don't find out I can't do math and have no language skills, I'm good.

Anyway. I'm going to German 110 (if it's the lowest level class they offer, why isn't it a 101?) in a few minutes, and after that I'm taking off for the weekend. Going to the Black Hills with the family.

More pointless rambling Monday.

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