Mon Sep 24 23:15:03 CDT 2001

I've used it as a command line for years now, but until recently I haven't played much with bash's more advanced features. The ones that make any self-respecting shell essentially a programming language, that is. Frex, it'd never really occurred to me to do something like:

for file in `ls`; do mv $file UNDEFINED: file.html; done

Which adds an .html extension to everything in the current directory, which makes life much easier. It's been ages, but I'm pretty sure that's one of the few things that MS-DOS's actually made easier.

Yeesh, I should sleep.

Tuesday, September 24, 19:29 CDT

I just ran something less than a mile. Just about killed me.

Drove home today to get a pair of shoes to run in. It was half an excuse to drive along and look at the country, instead of sitting... Here. Fall's comin' on fast; you can almost watch the landscape shift to browns and golds and fading greens. Corn's turning, air's almost cold, sleep gets better, the woodpile starts to look smaller than it ought...

Trippy cool sound visualization programs with slick interfaces: Synaesthesia. Trust me, you really just need to try it. I want to see this stuff projected on the side of, say, Bowen Hall - the giant ugly dorm a block away that's the tallest building in Wayne.

My high school science teacher tells a story about being hit by a truck and hearing colors / seeing sounds. I suspect getting a few sensory wires crossed would be a fascinating experience, if not altogether a pleasant one. (Then, well, head trauma does have downsides of its own, and I'm just not sure about hallucinogens...)

Odd conversational intersection with synaesthesia: Eric and I're suddenly talking about Alfred Bester and The Stars My Destination. Saying more would be a spoiler, but I will once again point out that TSMD rules.

Gully Foyle is my name
And Terra is my nation.
Deep Space is my dwelling place,
The stars my destination.

I get chills, honest. (Speaking of which, have you seen recent LotR movie promo stuff? *shiver* I geek out just thinking about it.)

I know there are scanners around here - there's a multimedia lab in the library, a bunch of big monitors for Photoshop work and at least one scanner... I should begin posting more artwork and the like. I've no intention of shifting this site's focus away from text about my thrilling adventures and deep insights on life, mind, but I might as well expand on it a bit. (And figure out, while I'm at it, why Netscape 4.x renders my layout so badly.)

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