Thu Jan 10 12:45:57 CST 2002

Useful Javascript? Bookmarklets seem to be just that, which is indeed a novelty. If you're using a recent GUI browser, these are well worth checking out.

My favorite has to be this one, which (at least under Mozilla) searches Google with whatever you've currently highlighted on the page.

I've never objected to using a scripting language to provide extra functionality and flexibility within an app - in fact, I think it's probably an essential of really good, flexible interfaces. mIRC, my favorite single piece of software, is my favorite example. I imagine there're plenty of more obvious choices.

What makes all but a tiny fraction of the Javascript ever loosed upon the world suck is that it

  • is completely useless
  • serves to (inconsistently) replace functions already performed by straight HTML
  • or even better, interferes with something no document has any business acting upon

No, these opinions haven't changed much since ca. 1997. Yes, I do feel a bit smug about that. Now that we're finally starting to see something approaching taste and good sense re-emerge from the wreckage of countless elaborate, flashing, crap-filled over-designed...

But there's a rant for another day. Maybe it'd tie nicely into Why I Loathe Flash.

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