Friday, January 11, 13:43 CST

I played multiplayer Warcraft II and Red Alert for more hours last night than I actually care to admit.

It's not the game, especially. I think I lost interest in the basic RTS thing as a solo activity years ago... It's the social thing. Hurling insults across the room at your LAN opponents. Cackling with glee as you rain fiery death upon their hapless peasants. The impulse to smash something as you watch your town hall destroyed. Again.

I used to think of myself as a gamer... I'm not sure what changed. I don't want to say I outgrew it, but it's not really that much a part of who I am any more. A few years with a singularly low-end computer and a reluctance to boot Windows have something to do with it, but it's more than that. I think I just tend to care more whether I'm interacting with people these days. A single-player game has to offer something like the depth of a decent book (and some do - Black & White, say) before it can hold my attention for long. And multiplayer needs to offer something more than furiously paced violence - or the chance to scream expletives across the room at your opposite number.

(Not that there's anything wrong with furiously paced violence, every now and again.)


Fans! is genius.

noise list

Music of late, including stuff I got for Christmas (I'll add to this over the next couple of days):

  • The Jealous Sound
    • The Quiet Life
    • Priceless
    • Anxious Arms
    • Bitter Strings
  • Justincase
    • The Key (Ok, so they look like a teen sibling pop act. In point of fact, they might be a teen sibling pop act, but they're a pretty decent one.)
  • The Stereophonics
    • All of Just Enough Education to Perform
    • Hurry Up and Wait
    • Local Boy in the Photograph
  • The Pixies
    • Pixies at the BBC
  • Beulah
    • When Your Heartstrings Break - I'll say it again. The best pop album I've ever paid money for.
  • Hey Mercedes
    • Eleven to Your Seven

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