Friday, January 18, 15:30 CST

Just had a fascinating conversation with Brent, kinda different from our usual exchanges because it was over old-school Unix talk.

If you're not familiar with talk - which wouldn't be entirely surprising - it's almost the most primitive chat interface I've ever used. It divides the screen horizontally (well, the terminal) into two halves, and whatever you type appears instantly on your half of the screen.

There's an entirely different dynamic to this sort of conversation than what you experience with an instant messaging client, or even IRC, where you essentially get to compose everything you say before anyone sees it. Talk, by comparison, feels more like an actual voice-to-voice dialog, which makes for something quite a bit less guarded and more demanding of one's attention.

I'm not sure where I was going with this, but if something occurs to me, I'll append it here...

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