Thursday, January 31, 19:00 CST


Look! Emphasis! Strength! Strong emphasis!

Yes, I'm playing with my stylesheet again. Is that so wrong?

Thursday, January 31, 15:16 CST


It's still snowing.

Did that not sound gleeful? Tell ya what, I'll add some emphasis. January's last gasp has finally yielded up some fragment of a real winter, the air is full of whiteness and brilliant grays, roads are within spitting distance of really bad... It's still snowing.

How was that?


I've been reading an early Doonesbury collection, an experience not unlike plowing through the Bloom County collections I was lucky enough to have my dad purchase while I was still young and impressionable... (Well, younger and even more impressionable.)

For good or ill, Bloom County is the source for a disproportionate amount of my knowledge of the cultural landscape of the 1980's. A decade through which, in theory, I actually lived. In reality, of course, I was not one of those rare people who are really aware of the external world before the age of, say, 17.

I hadn't known just how much Bloom County owed Doonesbury, especially early in its run when the more surreal elements were, shall we say, subdued. It sort of makes me want to do a College Comic Strip With Political Overtones...

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