Monday, January 7

...we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

This is - and I mean it - the last time you will hear me mention my own slackness in not writing here. But yeah, I've been slack. And the site was down for a while, for I know not why.

Among that which I've been slack in noticing is that Stephen's posting stuff again, with a new retro lookin' CSS layout. (Gul: It renders smoothly in everything I've used lately - including Opera 6, but I can't say much for versions prior to that.)

I also ought to throw some comments Eric and Brent's way. Later.

So now I'm back from break, physically at least. Break was good.

The Fellowship of the Ring was everything that it needed to be.

I have an acoustic guitar now.

Wendigo, for some reason I cannot quite fathom, decided to power down at random while plugged in at home. Back in the dorm? Steady as a rock. Bizarre combination of a faulty power supply and unreliable wiring? Beats the heck outta me.

A Beautiful Mind was excellent. A slightly flawed excellent, maybe, but excellent. At this point, Russell Crowe's more vocal critics will only continue to embarrass themselves if they don't quietly fade into the background. Jennifer Connelly is capable of being the most beautiful woman in the world. I cannot quite believe that Akiva Goldsman also penned Batman & Robin.

[abrupt ending]

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