tuesday, october 1, 23:56 cdt

oh god come quickly the execution of all things

saddle creek records
local label, artists who don't suck
go ahead,
they have a few downloads
try some

the faint
if you like that sort of thing
they do it well

rilo kiley are great pop
never likely to be popular
(see also: beulah)

bright eyes may be genius.

tuesday, october 1, 17:21 cdt

september's gone
i sit here,
third floor of the library
by a window watching rain come down
students walk past with umbrellas
or run past without
and traffic trickles along what might be 13th street

i saw a rainbow in the western sky
for the first time in my life this morning
maybe i just haven't been awake early enough

it's not especially silent
there's a kind of white noise that attends everything
compounded of air conditioning
pages rustling
and the rain you can barely hear on the roof
i have always loved that rain sound
more than just about any other
(except possibly the blizzard outside my window
a combine running in the distance
wheat falling into a truck bed
logs shifting in the fire)
me and john sheridan, i guess

the person standing under the tree finally gave up
and ran off somewhere

running through the rain is excellent
but only if you're with someone
or running to them
alone, i'd rather just walk
let it fall
and soak me to the bone

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2002 / 10 / 1