Saturday, October 12, 18:25 CDT

Brent: Ah ha.

saturday, oktober 12

another october saturday
cold, windy, sun shining
a day that will cast the country all around
into beauty that could strike you forever silent
if you were willing to see

the waking up late
the bad dining hall breakfast
the college football game
(go big red)

the wind in my hair
(getting shaggier every day)
and the heat of the sun into the stadium
as much a part of the football mystery
as the back and forth on the field
and much the parts i understand the most

the empty dorm room
and the guitar i can't play

sydney lea and dylan thomas
in the pile on my desk
with Masterpieces of Religious Verse
the kind of book that would have been at home
on my great-grandfather's shelves

all of it says something
none of it's enough
and where am i going from here?

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2002 / 10 / 12