Tuesday, October 22

if all my trains of thought
are not derailed
they should be.

i am overthrown,
and if i get back up
and continue down the same old path
i deserve all the nothingness that comes

p1k3.com may be about to experience
a temporary interruption in service
which, at least, would be a return to form.

bear with me
or don't
your choice,
all five or six of you.

(i have a better idea.
let's just take our kids out of the schools.

i never expect to be a parent
if i am, my children will not be subjected to that
they will not be subjected

to the popular indoctrination of the moment,

the deep sickness of a sexual awareness
warped by the blind, irrational, fear-laced dishonesty of their elders
and the grasping ignorance of their peers,

the crushing mediocrity that destroys whatever can escape
the crushing apathy all around them.

these things are not acceptable,
they are not right,
and there may be nothing i can do about them
but if i ever have to make the choice
i will not ask someone i love
to face them and somehow still become fully human.
it's already enough of a struggle.)

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2002 / 10 / 22