Friday, October 25, 14:44 CDT

too many words
for so little said

was i going to write about why
writing is still a good idea
in the face of so much already written
and a world still defying comprehension
a reality that really doesn't reduce
to words no matter how hard you try?

i think so.

here, i'll make it short:
writing is still a good idea
(and sturgeon's law is irrelevant)
because it's a way to think and speak for yourself
not a way to add to the species' ever-growing slushpile

what we've all got piled up isn't the point
neither is what you, personally, throw on
if it were a contest
you'd be late to the game
and isaac asimov would have us all beat anyway

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2002 / 10 / 25