Wednesday, November 27

If whomever found this site searching for "grobian or amorous or evolvement or metazoea or detainment" ever happens to skim by again, I'd be mighty interested in hearing from them. If nothing else, I just want to know if they ever found what they were looking for.

Addendum: See WebCollage, which uses random search terms to grab images for its insidious purposes.

p1k3 / 2002 / 11 / 27

Tuesday, November 26

late tuesday afternoon,
i am sitting in a computer lab
ready to resolve
that i will never set foot in one again

outside, it's cold
snow falls sometimes
catching a many shaded grey light
in the space between the dark leaves still hanging
on the oak tree outside my window
and the ground

the temperature soaks through the patches on my jeans
hovers just outside the brown cotton gloves
and stays there while i read a letter from my sister
wandering down the steps to this
buzzing ceiling-tiled nest of fluorescent lighting
and keyboard noises

come december, i will try to say a lot here
however many words it takes me
it seems like there are things i should be saying
but i'll let this sum up november
though it doesn't really
and i don't know how i really could
i'll just make a few statements

the river why is a great book
william james was a great philosopher
uncle tupelo is great music
it is just possible that if you move, the world responds in kind
fountain pens are the way to go
stocking caps play hell with shaggy hair —

and be on my way.
happy thanksgiving, pilgrims.

Tue Nov 26 11:49:35 CST 2002

housekeeping seems to have settled comfortably into its new home. Thanks to Erin for the pointer on switching nameservers, and Brent for his singular patience. I've been saying I'd do this any day now for longer than I care to think about.

I have tweaked a few things. Ye Ancient Perl Script that runs this place adapted with scarce more than a hiccup to its new environment, and so I have begun to increase its meagre capabilities in a fashion I am likely to later regret.

I should also point out that the new Daemonsong site is live.

Look - it's snowing, and all those people are rushing to class. Perhaps I'll join them, although I'm disinclined to rush.

p1k3 / 2002 / 11 / 26
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monday, november 11

and a dream to match

think of this as a PING
kind of a verbal keepalive

for those of you majoring in the humanities
that means i'm still here
the connection isn't precisely dead
it's just sitting idle

i am the faint hiss of someone's silence
on the other end of a phone line

lest you worry,
i am still writing useless things

p1k3 / 2002 / 11 / 11
tags: topics/poem