Wednesday, December 4, 11:07 CST

Trying something new here... This might break things badly, but I think some entries are going to have expandable content. So if I want, for example, to dump a five page essay or a set of fat graphics in here, they'll be readily available but not taking up too much space on the front page.

Some notes, for my own benefit, on design philosophy:

  • This would be as good a time as any to move to some kind of database driven backend and quit relying on an outmoded Perl script + filesystem approach. I'm not going to because:
    • I don't want to.
    • It would take more time, and something that works now is better than something that would work really well in the future.
    • p1k3 is supposed to be a way to say things, not a way to distract myself by building an ever more complicated mechanism for saying things.
  • I'm deliberately making the choice to limit myself to an entry-by-date based conceptual framework for p1k3, not because it's the only or best solution, but because it is functional, easy to understand, and acts as a constraint within which to create.
  • Rather than graft a second, more complicated framework on to the existing one, I'm going to expand the existing one in as minimalist a fashion as possible.

Examples to come. This is a facility I don't want to abuse, but hopefully it will prove useful.

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