Saturday, December 7

one good thing about music

friday night, a few weeks ago
maybe closer to a month
i caught an o.a.r. show

the line was long and slow moving
the venue hostile
and the smoke thick

but the beer was cold
and the music was good

i drove a few hours south the next morning
listening to uncle tupelo
and my head full of bob marley lyrics
to spend some time with my grandparents

that night
we listened to country music on old vinyl
and messed with the guitar
i went to bed thinking hard about all kinds of things

about why that little piece of time felt right
in the midst of a lot of things that don't
about the significance of music in people's lives
and the meaning of sharing time and space that way

i guess what i'm working around to
is that i've drawn some definite conclusions
about the ways that it's good to spend time with people.

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2002 / 12 / 7