Tue Feb  5 21:50:16 CST 2002

So let's say you had this huge rackmount server chassis, complete with giant cooling fans that sound something like a jet turbine, support for multiple PC-on-a-card doohickies, and like a dozen giant flashing LED's on the front...

Ok, actually, I don't know where I'm going with this. But let's say you had a monster like that sitting on your desk. Wouldn't that be something?

Tue Feb  5 9:44:24 CST 2002

Ya know what? I hate Adobe products. Just flat hate 'em.

Well, maybe that's a little strong. But if anyone can convincingly demonstrate why it'd be worth my time to actually learn Photoshop, Illustrator, or Pagemaker, I will be mightily impressed.

Things I should have picked up on a while ago: In vim, there's a format function that's the equivalent of Pico's ever so nifty ^J-to-justify, only more flexible. Just hit gq, followed by an object to format - lines, paragraphs, whatever. So gqj fixes the messed up line wrapping where I inserted this example. Considerably faster than manually fiddling around with line breaks.

On a similar note, if you share my contempt for the [tab] character and 8 space indents in source code, vim's got a simple solution:

" Make tabs 4 spaces wide; probably a bad idea unless you're expanding
" tabs.
set tabstop=4

" Expand tabs into spaces.
set expandtab

" Shift 4 spaces on indenting.
set shiftwidth=4

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