Friday, April 5, 19:40 CST

Sorta local (hey, it's Nebraska - I figure in this state is sorta local) bands I've seen recently:

The Hot Carls - Punk? I guess. Covered Reel Big Fish and the Pixies, the rest was I think original material. Not bad. No crowd, 'cause hey, we're at WSC. From Grand Island, I think.

Three Day Meat Sale - Punk, I suppose. A little too polished for my tastes, but not bad. From Omaha.

Mandown - This one netted me a single, moderately used drumstick. Also, it was a pretty decent show. From Omaha.

Ivory Star - From somewhere in the state. Everyone around here's been to an Ivory Star show. Dance. Whatever. Except me, until last month. Some original stuff, a lotta covers done pretty well.

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