Thursday, May 16, 15:21 CDT

The monitor or the video card, one of the two has issues. Intensely distracting, flickering issues. Let's hope it's the video card - I'll be able to afford replacing that one a lot sooner. If my computer usage hadn't dropped to near nil, this'd be driving me nuts.

Fluxbox really is a nice window manager. Just enough extra gloss on the old hyper-minimalist Blackbox framework to win me over.

Now here's a question: Does anyone really care about such things? I guess the evidence is they do, else where would a couple dozen WM's, or a beast like KDE come from? Some fairly bright people must care quite a bit. I guess this is not a bad thing in itself. A WM's a tool like anything else. Nothing wrong with caring about your tools, or even with taking an interest in their aesthetics.

(Granted you don't see anyone trying to make a hammer look like a color-coordinated tribute to their favorite anime character or adolescent pop star. And maybe what I like about Fluxbox is that it's just trying to be a really nice hammer, even though the more I think about it, the less a window manager seems like a single tool than like a conceptual space for tool using...)

But it's all gotten kind of stale for me. Seems like it might be time to ask ourselves what we're actually going to do with all these shiny tools, or just go start messing around with something else.

This doesn't have the least little bit to do with what I sat down to write. I'd stay here and write more, but I'm off to go make a pie and load salvaged lumber on a flatbed trailer.

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