Wednesday, May 8, 0:05 CDT

driving home
more stuff in my car than i thought
could possibly have been left
most of the time the clock on the dash doesn't work
just flickers.
sometime i expect it to flash FEAR or PAIN
like the watch in The Last Hot Time

i quit wearing a watch

rexroth said the world would be better
if Kansas wasn't in it
i'm not in Kansas now
but i wonder if i might as well be
the wheatfields make it feel less like slow death
at least where there's been rain

too much bare dirt brown in this damn state

he should see Kansas now
the small towns are falling apart
the big ones fuzzing into strip mall and asphault

everywhere the midwest turns into
more fort wayne, kansas city
or gary, indiana
and leaving
gets to seeming like more than an option.

sunday night in lincoln
concert crowds are always like this
the self-conscious freaks
the highschoolers
the girls i won't talk to
and everybody members of a generation that stands around
hands in pockets

or maybe that's just me

we're standing here courting heat exhaustion
why don't they kill the lights?
feet killing on this concrete
the lights are never going off
can't even move
should have just taken a seat
they can't still be setting up
the lights are never going to go off

but of course they do

and after that it's all worthwhile
for a little while

p1k3 / 2002 / 5 / 8