Tuesday, August 27, 23:57 CDT

I thought I felt like elaborating.

Truth is, I don't.

Have you noticed the things writing does to your thinking? It crystallizes thoughts, hardens them and refines them and forces them into specific shapes. Now, I believe that's a benefit. Nothing will show you what exactly you're thinking, and how much of it (or more often how little) like trying to turn it to text. Nothing except trying to talk to someone who won't take vague generalities and evasions for a satisfactory answer; though few enough of us know such people.

(Let's try a little experiment:)

but there's also this about writing:
like talking to people
where your listener's expectation
shapes what you say no matter how hard you try to avoid it
your readers shape your writing

and what's really, really important there
is that your writing
shapes your thought.

like the sick feeling in my gut
after my parents called tonight
and i didn't say purely happy confident things
or the empty feeling that would have been there
if i had.

so in summary (summation?)
i don't want to try
pouring the depths of my soul into a narrative here
because i'm not sure i can afford the dishonesty
or the false certainty
that would feed back into my mind
and tonight
i'm not up to some truly mammoth but largely impersonal screed
on music or movies or bad fast food
which you might find entertaining

and right now
after so much time
nothing less than one of the two would suffice
would it?

p1k3 / 2002 / 8 / 27

saturday, august 24

ladies and gentlemint,
brace for impact
we are no longer in familiar territory

we have not been, come to that, for quite some time

i'll elaborate
when i feel like it.

p1k3 / 2002 / 8 / 24