friday, september 13

thing is, i don't like titus andronicus.
it's a bad play.
it might be entertainingly bad
it might have some good moments
it might prefigure the bard's later genius
it's still a bad play.

i want to see lavinia reimagined
as an anime-chick heroine with bionic hands
and a creepy sounding electronic voicebox
to wreak bloodsoaked vengeance
on shakespeare's vicious anachronistic rome
the lot of them deserve it.

finished rexroth's an autobiographical novel
amazing book

wouldn't even guess how much is true
don't think i'd even want to know.
he drops names like nobody's business
but almost without exception,
they're names i've never heard anyway

and what the heck do i know
about revolution or bohemia or bolsheviks
trotsky, lenin, wobblies, jazz, or cubist poetry?
or WWII era pacifism?
(my grandparents worked in airplane factories
joined up but never quite made it over
or went to school and took abuse for being german)
not a thing, really
this is all completely outside the scope of my world 'til now

a lot of it's incidental anyway
i don't think i give a damn about cubist poetry
i am not a radical anything
and there is no revolution

but there's something going on here
(just because rexroth's twenty years dead, forgotten
and everything he believed is invisible
beneath the surface of american culture
i can't believe it's not still going on)
i'd do well to be awake to.

phish is playing shows again,
i'm seeing these guys next week
and i should go find out if i still have plans for tonight

p1k3 / 2002 / 9 / 13