tuesday, september 17

i don't mind being cryptic
all that much
i mind being trivial

i think cryptic
is how a lot of people hide trivial
as much from themselves as everyone else

that's true,
but it's not the whole story
(nothing ever is)
cryptic works so well
because people bring their own meanings to things.

Tue Sep 17 16:27:14 EDT 2002

Some vim help, not too deep but still useful.

Vim is a text editor. I have mentioned it before. I like it a great deal, as software goes. I like PuTTY too, because it lets me sit here in this lab and pretend I can ignore Windows XP forever. Maybe I can.

NTK still fascinates. I still don't catch most of the references.

And that's all the trivial geekery you'll have from me today. If I'm a messianic figure, I have responsibilities to uphold. Cryptic utterances and intense personal leadership, doncha know.

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