Monday, September 23, 21:57 CDT

Have I mentioned the IRC server? From now on, if I'm online for long and not feeling asocial, I'll be idling there.

I'm not online much more than I have to be lately. Still, friends, family, old events crew, and anyone else who even vaguely feels like it, (with the single ironclad exception of warez-kiddie WSC alumni) you're more than welcome to stop by our humble some-time abode. Bring a friend or three. I got no expectations of vast community blossoming, but why not give it a shot? Just /notify Brennen.

And hey, you could always make Brent happy and give his MUD some actual playtesting like I keep promising to do.

Went to this lecture earlier tonight.

(Eric - sorry I couldn't talk. Seems late to call back now.)

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