September 25

Lord up above won't ya throw me down the keys...

You know what I'm listening to right now?

It *was* Jubilee, by Grant Lee Buffalo. I was going to write about that.

Right now, it's someone's three or four year old MIDI rendition of what used to be my Favorite Song in the Whole World. I refer, of course, to Everclear's "Santa Monica". And where did I find this litle 42 kilobyte gem? Why, on the same ancient zip disk which contained a pristine copy of the tricked out mIRC v5.41 I must have been running back in 1998.

What else is on here? There's a copy of the first Commander Keen shareware sitting here. Most of the BASIC code I ever wrote. An ASCII art FAQ. Chemistry homework. The horribly inneficient whiteboard script I spent hours building. The first Wing Commander, with a saved game that must have been about two-thirds of the way through to that final insanely difficult mission. The first illicit .mp3 I ever downloaded. A directory full of scanned pinup art. I had forgotten most of this had ever existed.

It might be the nearest thing that exists to a record of all my wasted teenhood.

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