Thu Jan 16 20:35:24 CST 2003

I just borrowed this simple Perl script to ping automagically.

I just realized I'm doing it again. Getting sucked back in. Glowing monitors and little bits of code and e-mail checked too often.

Just. Walk. Away.

Thursday, January 16, Afternoon

answers to questions implied by search strings which have found this site

I don't think there is any feminism in The Taming of the Shrew.

I still don't know what an upper case cursive Q looks like. It's one of those letters I didn't bother with when I finally decided I should know how to write. The one they tried to teach us looks like a big fat 2, which I still think is a bad idea.

I probably found this too interesting.

You can make vim do a screen flash instead of beeping by doing :set visualbell, or turn the bell back on by doing :set novisualbell. If you don't want it to do either, then :set visualbell t_vb= sets the terminal display code for the visual bell to nothing.

errorbells toggles whether vim will ring the bell for an error message.

A six week old lab puppy looks sort of cute and sleek and somewhat wrinkled; not quite entirely unlike a seal might if it were a bird dog. If there is Wayne State College porn, I'd like to remain blissfully unaware of its existence. I don't know the fat content of Vanilla Coke - it has to be somewhere in the neighborhood of none, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 16, Late Morning

drove laci to the airport yesterday
he'd been wanting some real snow for months

a few flakes
more ice really than snow
rattled down as we got in the car
we joked about it
it's been the brownest winter i can remember

i'd guess it started snowing around four o'clock
and to my surprise
it didn't quit before i went to sleep,
looking out the window at the tree

there's probably a good three or four inches
of beautiful powder out there

i'm guessing laci's finally back in australia
right about now

Thursday, January 16, 11:19 CST

Excellent summary of reactions to Eldred v. Ashcroft, via Politech.

Salon: "Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff."

We now return you to your regularly scheduled non-blog.

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