Tuesday, March 25

what's wrong is everywhere

back again, and none too sure of what to say.
there's a war going down
i never wanted to see begin
and never expected to see stopped.

this is me hoping
that the war proceeds to something like its stated ends
as fast as possible
because there are no better alternatives

this is my free acknowledgement
that the destruction of iraq's government
is by no means without its positives,
that there are things worse than war,
that some of the protest against this one
is misinformed and even malicious

this is scorn and sickened disgust
for much pro-war sentiment
and most of the rhetoric i hear
and the raging willfull mindlessness that everywhere
shrouds itself in the cheap trappings of nationalism
and calls itself patriot.

this is a lot of ambiguity.

here are some unequivocal statements for balance:

i now believe
that the government of this nation
is on some deep level insane
(i concede that others are more so,
but i don't think it changes the basic fact).

i believe that christian radio
is populated by evil, hate-mongering fucks.

i wish that walt whitman had been right about america.

the bitter strings,

the jealous sound
the fire theft
(which is more or less to say
sunny day real estate
except not)
are going to be at knickerbockers
my favorite underrated small midwestern venue
on friday.

they rock.

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p1k3 / 2003 / 3 / 25