Tuesday, March 4


everything2 ain't always my cup of tea, but it's one of those things I think it would be a bad idea to ignore. There's probably more brilliant and/or honest text swirling around over there than a dozen of me could write in several lifetimes of steady effort. Or at least it seems that way on casual inspection. I wonder if more than casual inspection would be as bad an idea as Usenet binging.

Here: A few straightfoward examples.

I don't have anything concrete to offer in support of that "brilliant" assertion, except that the cumulative effect of wandering through this thing for a few hours is pretty powerful, and it was a word that came to mind.

You're still here? Look, I'm serious. Hit up a node, like maybe The problem with people who think life is inexpressibly beautiful is that they so often try to express it anyway, and read it until you see a link that looks even halfway to interesting, and click on it. Don't try to keep track of things, just let it flow for a while. I'll bet you wind up somewhere interesting.

And this, this might be brilliant. Or at least it strikes a chord. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's all it does is strike a chord - it's not that one bit of text by itself. It's a couple dozen of them. But it too might might be a good place to start.

It's really hard to laugh silently in a library. Just try reading a phrase like this without incurring the wrath of the guy industriously studying some godawful academic complexity a few carrolls down.


You know how sometimes things fit together beautifully in your head, and then you actually start putting them together, and wonder what exactly you were thinking? Yeah, that's me.



think i'll pack in and buy a pickup

you down with neil young?
brother, you know it

frost on the window maps lines
and trees of fractal geometry
just in front of snow
fineblown and rolling
in the air between here and everywhere else

what the hell do you know about neil young?

breakfast was black coffee
and an orange devoured messily
standing in the middle of the halflit room
wearing a towel

still searchin' for a heart of gold

lunch was me thrashing fitfully in the grasp
of a take home essay test
five minutes before it was due
i think i hit what he was driving at
if not what *He* was driving at

get right down to it
and i still like everybody knows this is nowhere better

give me things that won't get lost

but that could change

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