Monday, April 28

Breaking the established Tuesday-only update pattern for this month, I went and did something with the wiki. There should now be a link after every datestamp here to a wiki page for that day.

I'm not sure this is useful, but it might be.

p1k3 / 2003 / 4 / 28

tuesday, april 22


i dreamed it snowed again
most of you were there

that's all i remember,
before the alarm clock cut back in
and i stood up to look around

my half of the room has not gone entirely to kipple,
but it is piled, stacked, slumped, and wadded into a ball
to be dealt with later

it's hard to tell where the border is
but there's deliberate economy to the space jet occupies
neat lines, things in their proper places
a dearth of clutter

i must drive him nuts.

there is a picture
of a then-four year old named mallory
hanging on my back, a few days before i came here
among all the ticket stubs and paper relics
tacked haphazard to the cork board above my bed

it was in an envelope waiting on the desk one night
and i haven't written elizabeth to tell her
how good it was to see
because i am not sure what to say to anyone lately
though i should overflow with words.

p1k3 / 2003 / 4 / 22
tags: topics/poem

tuesday, april 15

rm ./*
vim 15

and start fresh

weeks go by
scatter moments in my memory
like sparks burn holes in paper

we walk circles in a parking lot
at sunset in front of the stadium
brick underfoot, breathing in all
the coming chill of one last snow

guitars peal and ring
clatter crash and soar

i wake and outside
new leaves uncurl on the tree
diesel smoke hovers
up from some four-hundred miles south

my feet slide into the dry leather
of worn sandals waiting by the bed;
ball thwaps into the glove
my hand numbs instantly;
plectrum hits the strings just right
for two seconds that ringing sound is mine

p1k3 / 2003 / 4 / 15
tags: topics/poem

tuesday, april 1

me: fuck!
wei-jet: huh?
me: it fucking snowed!
wei-jet: no place like nebraska.

p1k3 / 2003 / 4 / 1
tags: topics/poem