Thursday, June 26

Amazingly enough, there's a place on campus showing both the Cowboy Bebop movie and the restored Metropolis. Experience suggests both are excellent, but I think I'll see the badass cartoon first, if I make it to either.

UNL has a sometimes useful calendar gadget. Some of the stuff that goes on around a university like this is worth knowing about only so it can be better avoided, but if you pay attention there are things happening all the time. Some percentage of them are bound not to suck.

Of course, what really goes on anywhere, like most of what you really learn at any educational institution, isn't going to be on official schedules. But if you keep an eye on a few calendars and read the bulletin boards maybe you get a fuzzy idea of the big picture that helps you discover the fine structure of events for yourself.

Anyway, I added that link to the meta page.

Additionally, the Board of Regents voted to increase tuition by 15 percent this fall, and an additional 12 percent the following year. As some consolation, even with the tuition increases, UNL's tuition remains 23 percent below that of our peer institutions. The increases will allow us to avoid further cuts to academic programs and will preserve the quality of the remaining academic programs.

Someone remind me why an extended version of the medieval guild now exercises a state supported near-monopoly on what we cynically refer to as higher education. Anyone? Never mind, I know that one. Someone explain to me why it seems like the most interesting approaches it adopted when it still was a medieval guild don't seem to have carried over. Anyone?

Anyone else going to Alkaline Trio tonight in Omaha? Is this thing even on? Hello?

tap, tap, speaker whine, feedback, thud

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