monday, august 11

j. michael straczynski was at least partly responsible
for a cartoon called the real ghostbusters
which i used to watch despite my mother's objections,
before we moved to a cable-free environment in rural nebraska
a piece of knowledge i acquired
by following links on everything2:
the protocols of the learned elders of zion,
john dee,
and eliphas levy
whose name i came across in a book review by kenneth rexroth
where he asserts that mystical alchemy was actually
a coded form of erotic mysticism
a claim i am in no position to verify.


This is a mockup for what I would do with a Cool Sites kind of page if I were going to have one; a humble suggestion for Brent's redesign. There are probably better tricks to play with the visuals and the way the quoting is set aside, but it's a start.

(Thoughts for a little more structure: Put the quotes in boxes or use a table, alternate the sides of the page they appear on, put fat oversized quote marks around them, use more little graphics.)

good things

I'm sick of self-referentialism. It feels like every writer, every columnist and every blogger feels the need to footnote/disclaim/whatever every single thing they say with some kind of self-referential comment. "I know this won't change anything for me to say" or "Compared to the great writers, this is obviously lame" or any other permutation you can imagine...I've had it with all of them.

I wonder why we can't be sincere anymore. I wonder why people can't state an opinion without pointing out how stupid or inconsequential having an opinion is. I wonder why writers can't create without putting themselves down or talking about how insignificant their work is. I wonder why we can't write about our lives in our diary without making sure everyone knows how self centered and boring it is.

Saalon Muyo!

photo by Brent Newhall

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Wikipedia is a multilingual, open content, collaboratively developed encyclopedia (with supporting almanac-like and gazetteer-like information) that is managed and operated by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. As of July 2003, it covers a wide range of subjects and has 147714 articles in English (by its own count). It also has over 75,000 articles in other languages.

Note: Here at brokentype we believe in transparent metaphors. Cats, whenever they appear, signal longing and heartache. Dogs don't turn up very often, but when they do they are references to your narrator's goofy streak. Convenience stores are short-hand for ennui; cars for childhood; cigarettes for nervous energy; dinner parties for expectations; monkeys for the presence of the divine; church bells for atheism and fear. Children are inadvertent cruelty. Alcohol is indifference. There are also subliminal metaphors that refer to your narrator's furtive sexuality. The best way to get at these is to check the referrer logs, which include, most recently, "Girls getting dry humped in stockings", "Picture's of Meg Ryan's Haircut"(sic) , "pictures of girls in tattered jeans," and, mysteriously, "Flaming Hot Cheetoes."


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