Tuesday, August 12

i am in an airport in omaha,
waiting for a flight to come in

i suppose airports are amazing things, in their own way
signature elements of our civilization, ca. 2003

they don't always speak well of us
there is nowhere comfortable in an airport
and no matter the occasion for your presence
you mostly long to leave, one way or another

there are better things,
but walking out of a place like this
makes you glad to be alive

one of the scariest stories i ever read
was about a traveler stuck eternally in airports,
taxies, and late night gas stations.


A newsletter in my mailbox from Bright Weavings announces that Guy G. Kay has finished a new novel, The Last Light of the Sun, out some time in the spring.

There is also a book of poetry which I mean to read soon.

I have not often had much luck turning people on to books. Kay has been an exception. If I haven't tried with you yet, this is a start. Some day you may find a copy of Tigana or The Fionavar Tapestry in an unlikely place and the name will strike a faint note somewhere in your mind. Listen to that note. Forget your expectations for the things sold near Tolkien and Asimov. Open the front cover and read a few pages, walk out of your unlikely place with the book still in your hands. Let it become part of your life. I promise, as much as I can promise anything about someone else's art, that it will be worth it.

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