Monday, September 1


I'm going to play cheerleader and suggest that what Saalon's doing over at Daemonsong is really worth taking a look at.

Of course I'm not impartial, but the framework he's using is probably the best way I've seen so far to tell a big story on the web. It's just a new part every couple days, five or six parts to a chapter. Mostly prose, no high concept hypertext or bullshit about anything "non-linear", and it works pretty well. It feels like a webcomic, or an old school radio serial with more meat to it. Even the message board is just a wiki, and I'm not sure how well that part works yet, but it's about as basic and hands-on as hypermedia ever gets1.

So there are some cool ideas there, and the other thing is that Eric's getting better at this fiction stuff, so maybe it's a little uneven and sure you've read more natural prose, but it turns out to be a pretty good story that he's piling up a piece at a time.

Of course Eric's reading this, and so is Brent (who deserves a lot of credit for that framework and for trying to do fiction in much the same way, even if it didn't really fly). So maybe I'm just plugging for some friends here and you can't trust anything I say, but I don't think I do that any more.

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