Wednesday, September 10

to treat of things musical

The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash played at the Zoo last night. The sound was awful, which is not necessarily their fault and does not always prevent my enjoyment of a show. They played utterly straightforward, undifferentiated country, which I guess is fine if you like that sort of thing. I left after the first set.

A few weeks ago I ran into KC Barnes, a guy who was intermittently in my German class at Wayne State. It sounds like he's had an interesting life since then. He and his brother play guitar in a band named Zero Hero, doing an acoustic thing with a Weezer-gone-even-sillier vibe. I only heard him play once at WSC, but the demo disc he handed me turns out to be pretty listenable. They're playing at Knickerbockers tonight, so I think I'll at least stop by.

Tomorrow night is back to the Zoo for the Love Evil Funk Quartet, whose name says most everything. After this week I may not set foot inside a bar for several years, or at least a weekend.

Finally, and I want you to imagine breathless exuberance creeping into my voice, the fucking Pixies are reuniting.

Thank you, and good day.

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