thursday, september 11, raining

soaked? well, not quite
but wet, definitely
not going to dry out for a while

it came to me as i was leaving the house
that i am going to need some rain gear
a really good hat,
that's what i'd like
the kind you could wear
in just about any weather.

zero hero were good last night
and there was a healthy crowd
when i got back to the house
there was this massive,
at least by dry-erase standards,
rant about locking doors and turning off lights
on the message board in the kitchen
for some reason it pissed me off

but i should get used to the idea
that most people are unbalanced
about something once in a while
and i'm no exception
besides, i'm sure it would be a good idea
to be more careful about these things
so i didn't do anything childish and stupid
like, say, locking every door in the house
for which a key actually exists
when i left this morning

and i suppose even writing
"chill." in its place
would be a bad response
although it's kind of what
i want to say to half the human race lately

i was at a party the other weekend,
there was a girl with this expression
of desperation and her voice on edge
saying you've got to do something
people are going crazy

which i guess is true enough
but it always has been and
i'm not sure shrieking about it
is getting us anywhere.

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2003 / 9 / 11