Thursday, September 4

just ain't satisfied

Sardinas was pretty amazing the other night. The sound was better this time, probably thanks to bigger amps, and so was the playing. It seemed like he did more acoustic stuff. Dynamic range is good.

Eventually, I'm going to install a Bayesian spam filtering system on the server here. By eventually I mean sometime last Tuesday, which is probably going to be an issue.

On another note, I forgot that yesterday was my mom's birthday, and most of my laundry still isn't done.

Other items which seem suited to an unsatisfactory, catch-all sort of entry:

  • Leo's Invention are playing again in Lincoln, on the 13th, at Barry's this time. I don't even know where Barry's is at. Maybe I will find out. Maybe I won't even be in the state that day.
  • I have worn this shirt five times.
  • There is a beginner's Ultimate tournament in Ft. Collins at the end of this month.
  • Internet Explorer still doesn't honor max-width directives in stylesheets, and self-replicating code has been rendering giant chunks of network unusable for probably weeks now. If I were paying attention it would take some kind of major self restraint not to be really pissed at somebody.
  • I have three books overdue at the library and no idea where my student ID is.

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