Tuesday, January 20


i think i've written more in the past few months
than any time before that, ever
except maybe when i was caught in a
correspondence that was somehow self-sustaining

i wonder what it says that my life
is bracketed and defined as much by
exchanges of letters
as anything else

these days i'm not happy with the words
i guess part of that is practice -
you can reach a place in doing anything
where you know what good is
better than you know how to make it

but bigger,
the other thing is that i keep forgetting
how to tell the truth
maybe it's easier to lie
when you're mostly talking to yourself

maybe i should abandon language altogether,
and take up drawing with such intensity
that i learn the shape of the world all over.


It's four-thirty in the morning, and if I'm not quite wide awake, then I'm still closer than I ought to be.

A surprising number of people come here from search engines these days. And while I am past being especially obsessed with hit counts and page views and so forth, I continue to be fascinated by what they're searching for.

Eventually Cornfed Ultimate Frisbee will have a semi-official home here. Yes, it does need a lot of work.

Levi has a weblog. Those of you who read Hungarian may find it enjoyable.

Fascinating stuff over on Edge:

By the 1970s, Seymour Papert had even small children creating little programs with graphical outputs in his computer language "LOGO". The operative word is "little." The moment programs grow beyond smallness, their brittleness becomes the most prominent feature, and software engineering becomes Sisyphean.

The responses get even more involved.


search me

While I don't write about music in direct proportion to the amount I think about music (it's much like sex in this regard), I do drop lyrical quotes and song titles - those account for quite a few hits, people looking for lyric pages, mp3s, and guitar tab. I guess it's possible a few of them find something relevant. I mention local bands once in a while and Google being what it is, I know some of those fine folks have probably read what I've said about them. Odd thought, but kind of a gratifying one. Of course the only band I can remember dissing was the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - it might be less gratifying to know I'd contributed to the overall level of critical suck in the world by heaping scorn on someone's obscure but heartfelt project with no thought to their actually noticing. (Any members of the Bastard Sons &c. who stumble across this entry are encouraged to note that I'm pretty sure that neither their critical reputations nor their self-confidence will be damaged by my obscure project.)

Once the music-related hits are accounted for, things get a little more interesting. Poetry is a big one, and Shakespeare crops up pretty regularly - although not as often as when I took a Shakespeare class and posted half-baked essays on the plays.

At least once a month I get someone obviously thinking about that bit in Where the Red Fern Grows where they trap a raccoon by drilling a hole in a log, putting something shiny at the bottom, and driving nails in around the sides, points downward, so that once the 'coon reaches in to grab the object it'll be unable to pull its clenched paw out of the hole without letting go - and will refuse to let go. No, I don't know if it works and probably won't find out, but I do think that Where the Red Fern Grows is every bit as wonderful and wrenching a book as it is supposed to be, and in the field of utterly heartbreaking novels about dogs, generally makes Old Yeller look like so much hash.

Most of this has got to be people trying to do homework for English classes, but I guess there's encouragement in the thought that a few people are interested. Maybe I can go somewhere with the poetry thing. (As in somehow providing a useful access to that for someone.)

It's also just strange what things scattered around the mostly dormant wiki will draw hits. There's not much there, and it can't exactly be the definitive resource on, say, the methodology of laundry or Hungary's role in the Second World War. I suppose this serves to emphasize how shallow a construct the web still is in terms of most subjects.

some search strings for the month of january,

arranged in an arbitrary table likely to choke screenreading software. My apologies to anyone not using a visual client; I won't do it again.

Hits per String
12 train
9 irc mode
6 robertfrost
5 california stars chords
4 brennen bearnes
4 zero hero kc barnes
3 free verse is not poetry
3 made up words
3 unix talk
2 charles beard
2 free verse in poetry
2 glen phillips and the ataris
2 index of /imgs
2 kc barnes zero hero
2 link dump
2 o.a.r. guitar tab to zion goes i
2 rexroth's daughter
1 *-am.jpg
1 08th ms team soundtrack
1 a scanner darkly text download
1 anyone can see that the road that they were walking on was pave
1 anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved with gold
1 apple monitor blinking lights multiple
1 babe washing clothes
1 beulah calm go the wild seas mp3
1 bob marley lyrics how 'bout a revolution
1 brown
1 burnout by sugarfree tabs
1 denver country roads.mp3
1 die weisse rose summary
1 difference between prose and free verse poetry
1 difference between prose and poetry in content
1 dispatch - elias.mp3
1 e.e. cummings lay me down
1 e.e.cummings
1 ee cummings dream
1 eels daisies of the galaxy mp3 http
1 freeverse poetry
1 gaiman pronounce
1 gargoyle icon
1 geforce tv screen keeps shifting
1 getupkids music mp3
1 goodnewsinc.net
1 green hills of earth mp3 heinlein
1 greg brown rexroth's daughter
1 high fidelity boilerplate
1 hungarians and atomic bomb
1 hungary's involvement in world war 2
1 i learned my lessons and i learned them well i drank water from
1 i wanna be sedated mp3
1 i've got hurricane in my mouth just let i t out
1 i-80 pile up leaves at least four dead
1 intitle:index of backend
1 irc /mode
1 irc mode -v
1 ivory star
1 john denver country roads.mp3
1 kenna's hellbent video director
1 left on airplanes
1 leo's invention
1 love evil funk quartet
1 love-evil funk quartet
1 made up words and meaning
1 made-up-words
1 mark boyson
1 masculinity high fidelity
1 meaning of names brennen
1 megatokyo history
1 mirc social distortion videos
1 modem crackles
1 modernist poetry form structure
1 moulana jalaluddin picture
1 mp3 pixies
1 mp3 there goes my gun -lyrics -winamp
1 never be hungry never be cold song
1 nothing is static; everything is falling. everything is falling
1 oh woe is...shakespeare
1 our lady peace mp3s
1 pedro the lion mp3s and downloads
1 people guestbook from china 2003/2004
1 pete yorn panic mp3
1 photo people hungary
1 postcard list uncle tupelo
1 raccoon trap red fern grows shiny object
1 ramones sedated mp3
1 reindeer section tabs
1 rollerskate skinny mp3
1 save ironing shirt dryer
1 scanned pinup art
1 selleck
1 seven days in the sunmp3
1 she woke me up with a bang bang lookin over cross eyed
1 social distortion jacke
1 streamable u2 songs
1 structure of prose and poetry
1 sugarfree - burnout tabs
1 text adventure port 80 telnet
1 the band up on cripple creek instruments
1 the difference between poetry and prose
1 the future is x-rated video
1 the hollies long cool woman .mp3
1 the pogues mp3
1 the ramones i wanna be sedated mp3
1 the secret sayings of the living jesus
1 the truth is that in the metaphysical and religious sphere arti
1 this is your life it doesn't get any better than this
1 tips for doing laundry
1 traditional rules for rhyming verse
1 typography poetry
1 webloggers and lincoln nebraska
1 what is free verse in poetry
1 why wiki works
1 wiki defined
1 will sheff
1 ye they shall surely be put to death
1 you are not your fucking khakis

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