Saturday, November 27

a partial list of initial lines of things i have written with more than the usual number of line breaks (ill-sorted)

i just spent twenty minutes
the tango should not be that hard.
rounding out the month,
tequila tastes like death
too many words
colorado's unsurprisingly perfect weather
if all my trains of thought
i don't have time to be writing this
another october saturday
all day
oh god come quickly the execution of all things
late tuesday afternoon,
think of this as a PING
people talked me into reading the river why, by david james duncan
little experiment
one ring, oh yeah
admit it
one good thing about music
another room
if you aren't
the last day of the year is fading fast
weeks go by
i dreamed it snowed again
me: fuck!
back again, and none too sure of what to say.
(yeah, we've cycled around back to euphoria)
of all those i have ever read about,
there are robins in the tree outside the window
and the front page of the new york times says
you know the weird instant when
Sitting here, I'm looking
so we stand there
ever look around
so i was at home for a while this weekend
it shames me that the first thing i thought
december's weight is strange
of course it didn't snow
tuesday morning i left the room
outside, cold and mostly dry
in the library again
suppose the universe
Once there was a turtle.
i start to wonder about the visual hallucinations
drove laci to the airport yesterday
this is me,
you could learn a lot splitting firewood
There's no such thing as a blank slate
stagger, if not quite stumble in
modal thinking
the sense that you have been operating under false assumptions
people like to be written about
to the good folks of the united states
In other words,
leaving for missouri
j. michael straczynski was at least partly responsible
i am in an airport in omaha,
somewhere under them is a girl
unlike june, or even july
making my shaggy, sweat-soaked
i wonder why thankfulness is so hard to express
this place is a fucking mess
It is almost 2:00 AM,
soaked? well, not quite
between the latin i should be studying
lately i have been saying
and a year ago things were very different.
a list
i'm in a coffee shop eating 25 cents worth
there's nothing that dictates
if you wanted
we throw a disc for a while,
there is not going to be a perfect answer
a prediction of sorts
words are empty
i stood with my sister
different, this time
you have to choose, she said
i think i've written more in the past few months
it's 2:34 in the afternoon
the day is ended
one of my two best friends from highschool
footing on the bridge
coming home in
i suddenly felt deeply
some days
hoar frost clinging to last life beneath
there's always that moment right at takeoff when
sunrise 7:48 a.m.
yesterday the wind came into town and
the end of another semester,
may day, beltane, &c.
it's after 12:30; i'm sitting on
first, it is extraordinarily difficult
i am well convinced
a tiny shop, in the afternoon
stipulate that when i am dead
in prague, we stay at a baptist seminary
when we get back to the house,
Monday at the coffee shop,
today i got my pictures back from europe.
trying to escape
last night pulling onto 180 to go the three miles home
wednesday morning, shawn calls
should not waste the awareness of rain
wednesday morning, shawn calls
time is like some slow drug
justify yourself
across the windowpane
friday afternoon, sweet relief
today i skipped work
somewhere in a subdivision of hell
i leave the office around sunset,
we're as new on this surface

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2004 / 11 / 27