Thursday, December 16

if you don't know what i'm talking about, it's probably best just to walk away

(Alan just keeps a separate weblog for tech-related rambling. Maybe a healthy compartmentalization but I fear that would just suck me further down the dark path. I will probably try to keep this sort of thing from showing up on the front page in future, however.)

wala.cgi?PageIndex now contains initial letters, while each page contains a sidebar with backreferences to the pages that link there. It's messing with page layout, especially on the embedded link dump over there. ---->

I've been talking with Brent about this (since it's his code to begin with, and he's usually more wiki-obsessed than I am). What I would really like to do is set up a wiki for which (most of) the engine itself is user-editable Perl. I have no idea how you'd sandbox that well enough to prevent user maliciousness and/or user incompetence from completely hosing your server, but the appeal is still there. I could be like a LISP advocate - "My wiki was written in itself and is thus superior to all other forms of software! And sliced bread!"

These things in-and-of-themselves are not especially interesting, but the project of homebrewing a wiki full of stuff is kind of fascinating. Given that it's the aught-four functional equivalent of deciding to map out your entire life using index cards and little hand-made custom file folders.

Incidentally, I think that sliced bread is a good idea for only one reason: It enables toasters, and I like toast. I like toast a lot. When I was going to Wayne State College and eating in their raging mediocrity of a cafeteria (generally known as the Gag) whole wheat toast and black tea kept me alive for weeks on end.

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