Thursday, February 12

Magnatune, an electronic music label with a less than inspiring name using a Creative Commons license, does look kind of interesting. I haven't been paying enough attention to justify any commentary about the current 'net based alternatives to dealing with "the music industry" on their own terms, but you know people are doing good work.

Meanwhile on the low order, ground level end of things, even in Lincoln, Nebraska in the middle of February, there is music. I'm going to the Zoo Bar tonight for a Love Evil Funk Quartet show, but if I weren't doing that I would probably walk the extra blocks over to Knickerbockers and catch the acoustic (p|f)unk stylings of Zero Hero. If I weren't doing either of those things I would probably stay in the basement and strum predictable chord sequences (GDAmC, GDAmC, GDAmC, GD...) in between coughing fits.

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