Friday, February 27

the advantages of a service economy

I went to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change this morning. The folks at Jiffy Lube are, in fact, pretty fast about changing the oil and vacuuming the seats. Of course, they're also trained to con you into spending four times as much as you had planned on semi-random maintenance details. I find this strange and alienating, because normally I get my car taken care of in Laurel, where I just talk to one of the guys at the co-op and he says, sure, drop it off in the morning and we can get to it, and then what needs to be done gets done, and that is that. No one is worried about hustling me for an extra $13.95 because they know that next time I need my oil changed, I'll probably come to them again, and anyway what kind of crap would that be to pull with somebody you might see in church the next morning or at the bar on Friday night?

My analysis may be flawed.

more human

I guess glenn mcdonald sometimes occupies different ideological space than I do, but not today. Go read what he has to say about marriage.

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