Thursday, February 5

It's in Flash, but I just noticed there's real stuff now at the official Dispatch site. An announcement that they're calling it quits, with a promise that there'll be a farewell show announced soon - no idea how long that's been up, but it's good to know something sort of concrete. If there's even the slightest chance I can make that show, well... Damn.

You can stream a lot of the music, too. Which is cool and generous and probably a good way to market the stuff. But then these guys have pretty well always demonstrated that they get it. The distribution of music thing, that is.

What got me started on that was a short post over on the suddenly loquacious Stephen's Weblog about "Chemical Calisthenics", one of the half-dozen coolest things I've ever heard coming out of a random radio station.

Speaking of random and cool, there's a Love Evil Funk Quartet show at the Zoo Bar next Thursday. All you Nebraska-dwelling types should come. We can sit in the front corner and drink pitchers of something dark and frothy. It will be good, I promise.

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