Monday, February 9

I seem to be on Ken Knabb's mailing list, since I get an e-mail whenever something new goes up on his Rexroth archive. This could bother me, since as far as I can remember it's unsolicited - but it seems like I always wind up reading the new stuff and being fairly glad of it. This time it's "The Function of Poetry" and "Unacknowledged Legislators", which are as certainly worth reading as they are beyond my present ability to comment intelligently on their contents.

Also, today comes a link to an issue of Jacket with a bunch of Rexroth content, including some audio of poetry read to jazz.


I just embedded some almost gratuitously ugly Perl in the footer of this page so that parts of p1k3 will display a table with links to older updates. Never mind that I should know better; eventually I will re-write this bizarre little confabulation engine from scratch. Every minute but inelegant hack pushes me a touch closer to that eventuality; the only downside is that it becomes progressively more difficult to tell what's actually happening. Let alone what I intended to happen. In this, the infrastructure of my only sustained writing effort mirrors most of the prose it contains.

There are features it would be nice to have: Better navigation, a built-in regex capable search, a good way to easily pull up all the fragments containing "freeverse" text or images, and a linking engine that would save me from typing <a href="...">. Seamless integrate of something like Brent's wala might be cool too.

It is an open question whether any of this is worth the time it would take or the added structural complexity. When I wrote this thing I was pretty sure that a simple convention like "one entry per day" was more useful than a lot of theoretically more flexible alternatives. Probably I still think that.

A current version of the script and supporting files can be found in /backend.

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