Thursday, March 25


Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism Ben Kweller - On My Way

A donut place on 13th St. in Omaha, some blocks North of Sokol Auditorium. Self-serve coffee 45 cents a cup, fresh donuts a quarter. Rapid fire service, old school analog cash register with heavy cha-ching noises. Pictures of cats and dogs on the walls.

In other news, I have decided that {curly braces} are more elegant than [square brackets]. They seem like less of an intrusion on a string of alphabetic characters. Has anyone else noticed this?

Everything You Think You Know is Wrong moments:

I think my favourite book is William Blake's Complete Writings - the Oxford Standard Authors edition. I'm always fascinated by his life, and the incongruity of someone so visionary emerging in a place like London in the 18th Century. I've been writing an album based on his work for the past 40 years and some day I'm going to finish it.

— Tony Bennett, over on Word

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