Friday, March 5

lost causes

I'm fascinated by the comments on this Electrolite post. They are not the deepest discussion of fundamentalism, evangelicism, or the political orientation of Christians I have ever read, but they are pretty good for the angle they come from.

A later, more reflective update: There was a lot more here. It's gone now. Mike, a few days from departing for a part of the world where someone's certainty (be it George W. Bush's or Saddam Hussein's, in a big picture kind of way, or x-random local guerilla's, in a proximate sense) is capable of translating to hostile fire or homemade explosives under your truck, called and pointed out that this all read pretty damn vicious. It's good to hear from Mike, because he has an unsettling knack for making me realize when I'm being an asshole. I need someone to say "Do you know what you wrote?" Way more often.

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