Tuesday, March 9

Now, things get a little crazy and this (non)space probably goes static for a while.

Before I sign off for the evening [read: early morning], and perhaps the next few weeks, a series of small thoughts for your consideration:

I've been wearing a pair of cheap brown cotton gloves with the fingertips cut off. It's almost the time of year to put the heavy winter gloves in mothballs, and I can type or write or throw in these. Unfortunately, they fray. Is there a better fingerless glove solution? And where did this hobo-glove thing get started, anyway?

Nickel Creek are going to be in Lawrence, KS again on April 21st. OAR are going to play Pershing auditorium in Lincoln on the 8th. Okkervil River are opening for John Vanderslice at Knickerbockers tomorrow night. Okkervil are pretty great and Will Sheff is really approachable, which means that it seems like a good idea to actually say hey, I dig what you're doing. "Red" is one of my favorite songs, ever, and Down the River of Golden Dreams has to be one of last year's better albums. I probably can't make it because I'm broke and like usual I put a big, ugly assignment off 'til the last two nights before I have to show results.

On Friday, I'm going to get on a plane to Pittsburgh, PA. This will be the first time I have flown since before September of 2001. I almost feel like I've been avoiding it, although the truth is I haven't really travelled outside of a few neighboring states in the past few years. I wish the United States had a functional country-sized passenger rail network.

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