Monday, April 12

Fresh in my inbox, an announcement from Glen Phillips that the Mutual Admiration Society album he recorded with Nickel Creek is actually going to be released one of these days, namely July 13.

If Glen Phillips is my favorite guitar-banging songwriter right now, then Nickel Creek are my favorite... Well, what are Nickel Creek? Amazingly talented bluegrass players, yeah, but it has been obvious for a while that they're taking this music places that it has very seldom been, places it needs to go. Thile and the Watkins somehow play to most of my respect for traditional music, and most of my hopes for music's future.

I used to regret having missed, in some sense, most of the music that seemed like it really mattered. And it's true, I never saw Led Zeppelin, an intact Grateful Dead on a good night, Bob Dylan when it was possible not to know who he was, Simon & Garfunkel when you could be sure it was for real, U2 before you had to wonder if they were going to be the band you believed in, Johnny Cash, the Band.

But I've seen Nickel Creek. In a week or two I'll see them again. And suddenly here is some perspective. This music matters, this is history being made and the future being born - at least the history I want to know and the future I care about.

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